In order to inspire loyalty and spur growth this year, brands will adopt a variety of smart strategies that we believe are essential to success in today’s marketplace. Acting on the trends we’ve shared and more, they will:​

Respect the modern desire to lessen demands on our cognitive capacity via a willingness to declutter the messaging landscape and instead focus on marketing that’s not just unobtrusive but also welcomed.​​

Focus on creating simple, mindful, and beautifully designed products and experiences that are inclusive and accessible.​​

Tackle social and environmental issues with products, services, and messaging that go beyond mere PR gestures and instead apply creativity and passion to improving consumers’ lives and creating meaningful change in how we live together on this planet.​​​​

Welcome and apply the power of today’s consumers to directly shape brands with products and services developed via the conversations and feedback made possible on social platforms.​

Ultimately, we predict that brands will be bold in 2019. Consumers’ expectations of brands have never been higher, while the ability to filter marketing content has never been more within their control. To connect and resonate, this year’s most agile marketers will embrace a test, learn, and innovate strategy. The brands cited in this report are already acting on this innovation mind-set, delivering new ways to connect with consumers—ways that value their time, attention, and desire for novelty. We hope that their example will provide inspiration for you to create excitement in this dynamic marketplace.

Finally, we’d love to begin a conversation about the specific implications of these trends for your brands and categories. So don’t hesitate to contact us with your thoughts, questions, and predictions about 2019 and beyond.

VP, Market Intelligence​​

​VP, Market Intelligence​
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