eight trends
to watch in 2019

Welcome to 2019 and Upshot’s annual perspective on the forces influencing brands in our culture and the marketplace. As we’ve noted in past reports, change continues to be not just a constant but ever-accelerating force shaping brands’ relationships with today’s consumers. Accustomed to immediacy, access to information, ubiquitous connection, and a steady pipeline of digital innovation, they demand more than ever of brands: more transparency, purpose, creativity, and convenience. In many categories and across the retail landscape, choice abounds, so responsive brands are moving from experimentation to implementation, delivering new and innovative experiences and solutions that satisfy these demands.

To help you navigate our dynamic marketplace in ways that anticipate and exceed consumers’ elevated expectations, Upshot’s market intelligence team has compiled a list of eight trends meant to inspire your own approach to high-velocity change and innovation. ​​

Before diving into the trends, just a quick reminder about our approach to trends. We believe that trends act on basic human needs over time within the context of technology, culture, society, and the marketplace.​​ And though behaviors (and fads) may change quickly, the eight trends shared here are the product of long-term shifts in values, attitudes, and expectations as they relate to these needs.

​​Of course, this isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list of all the changes and patterns we’re continuously tracking in the cultural margins as well as in the mass marketplace. If anything, it’s a selection of diverse thought-starters that should serve as inspiration for just about any brand, retailer, or business, enabling you to create marketing that excites, resonates, and appeals throughout the course of the year.​​​

And now, without further ado…​​

Trend one